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San Diego Unpaid Wages Attorney

Contact us if you have a question about whether your are owed overtime, double time, commissions, wages, bonus pay, or pay for meal or rest breaks. We want to explain to you what overtime is, what prevailing wage is, and when you are an exempt versus non-exempt employee.

Wage Lawyer

Your employer is required to pay you for all time worked in California. If you haven’t received all of the compensation you deserve, you may be able to file a claim against your employer. Only an experienced attorney can determine the value of your unpaid wage claim, which may include the wages you are owed, interest, penalties and other damages.

We have a fairly new national labor secretary, he has a Latino name, and he is in Los Angeles with union activists at the AFL-CIO conventio n. He has pledged to raise minimum wage. Experts expect that he will further worker rights, aggressively enforce existing labor laws, and go after employers for wage theft. He may also deal with issues pertaining to undocumented workers.

Examples of Unpaid Wages

Many employers illegally withhold pay from employees. The following are examples of some of the most frequent violations:

  • Asking you to work off the clock
  • Charging you for uniforms or other supplies you need to perform your job
  • Failure to pay the minimum wage
  • Failure to pay overtime or double time
  • Failure to pay commissions or bonuses
  • Failure to pay for meal breaks when the company requires you to stay on site
  • Failure to pay your final wages after termination of your employment

If your employer is willing to cheat you out of all of the compensation you deserve, it may be doing the same to other employees. For this reason, our lawyers often handle unpaid wages claims as class-action lawsuits.

Protection for employees: If your employer fires you or punishes you for filing an unpaid wages case, it may be subject to additional damages. If your employer takes the case to court and loses, it may be required to pay your attorney fees.