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Protecting Whistleblowers throughout California

In California, you may be protected from retaliation if you report your employer for doing something illegal. Before you blow the whistle, you should obtain legal advice.

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Am I Protected As a Whistleblower?

In California, you are protected from employer retaliation if:

  • You report your employer for an illegal or suspicious action that affects someone outside of your company
  • You refuse to perform an illegal act
  • You truthfully testify under oath in a matter relating to your employer
  • You complain to management in your company the company is doing something unlawful
  • You bring or assist in a complaint of job discrimination or unlawful harassment

Examples of illegal employer actions include Medicare billing fraud, OSHA violations and illegal dumping of hazardous waste. Whistleblower protection only applies if the employer's actions affect someone outside the company. Ifan employee steals from the company, and you report the theft, you are not protected.

You are protected as a whistleblower any time you have a reasonable suspicion your employer violated the law. You do not have to be right.

If your employer retaliates against you for being a whistleblower, you may be entitled to compensation. Examples of employer retaliation include:

  • Firing you
  • Demoting you
  • Transferring you
  • Reducing your hours

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