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Employment in California is at-will, but there are many exceptions concerning how employment can be terminated. These exceptions derive from contract law, employment statutes, and case law about wrongful termination. Only experienced labor attorneys can advise employees about California employment law. There is too much employment law for somebody to learn who has not devoted years of their life to reading California employment law and representing employees.

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Major sources of California Employment Law include:

  • The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (PEHA) which can be found in California Government Code Section 12920 onward. There are more than 28 pages of dense statutory text in this act and thousands of decided cases interpreting FEHA with cases continuing to come out on a daily basis.
  • Thousands of California Labor Code Sections totaling more than 872 pages of statutory text and tens of thousands, if not more, cases interpreting the California Labor Code
  • Title VII (a Federal version of FEHA which employee attorneys try not to use because it is less favorable than California employment law)
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) w!iich s less favorable than California labor Laws. Some California labor interpretations are based upon FLSA, and some are not. Only an experienced California employee attorney can advise which.
  • Federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the thousands of cases under these Federal Employment acts
  • More than 15,000 important California cases


California employment law has been made by labor like firm head, Karl Gerber. In 1990 a labor attorney generally meant an attorney who would appear at National Labor Relations Board hearings. In 1992 the California Supreme Court further clarified a 1987 California Supreme Court ruling that held wrongful termination was a civil tort. Contract employment law became reserved for breaches of written, oral, or implied contracts while FEHA and wrongful termination constituted civil torts for which punitive damages were recoverable. Around the same time several California courts delineated how violations of discrimination laws created various employment rights, and what constituted sexual harassment.

Today labor attorneys handle all aspects of employment law in California. These types of cases include Breach of Contract, Discrimination, Retaliation, Sexual Harassment, and Unpaid Wages. The field of employment includes adverse employment decisions and on the job harassment based upon age, ancestry, color, disability, genetics, handicap, national origin, pregnancy, race, and sexual orientation. Labor attorneys handle claims for unpaid bonuses, commissions, double time, minimum wage, meal breaks, overtime, paystub errors, prevailing wage, rest breaks, and stock options.

Contract Employment Law is also an important part of a California Labor Attorney's knowledge base. Besides having to interpret employment contracts and provisions of company manuals, employment arbitration is based upon principles of contract law. A significant percent of California's large employers unknowingly got their employees to sign arbitration agreements. Our firm has won multiple challenges to the validity of these one-sided employment contracts. Even if the employment arbitration contract is air-tight, we take all measures to attempt employers to sign new contracts agreeing to arbitration but with rights for the employees to make the arbitration proceedings fairer.


Because California employment laws are constantly changing, California Employment Attorneys need to immerse themselves in the field of California employment law. Due to the number of cases coming out on the subject matter, and statutory changes in California employment laws, a real California employment attorney's practice needs to be limited to representing employees.

By focusing on the practice area of California employment law, a job lawyer is able to polish their skills in deposing typical management employees associated with an employee job action. Devoted Los Angeles employment attorneys like our fom know which Los Angeles judges know employment law, and which do not. We also know which jury instructions need to be used when trying an employee discrimination, harassment, or job termination case.


There are even specific employment laws pertaining to work in Los Angeles. One of these employment laws concerns the minimum wage rate of janitors in certain sized hotels. There are also strategies about where to file a Los Angeles employment lawsuit.

The Los Angeles labor field sometimes involves binding arbitration. Employment attorneys in Los Angeles know who the good arbitrators are, and who the bad ones are. Experienced employee lawyers in Los Angeles also know who the good mediators are and who the bad ones are. Most employee lawsuits end up getting mediated at some point during the pendency of the case. Knowing one's competition is also impmiant. Because Karl Gerber has exclusively practiced employee law since 1993 there are few employment defense firms in Los Angeles who have not tripped, or outright lost crossing his path. The Employment Lawyers Group has a reputation in the Employment law community in Los Angeles. After having filed more than 1,500 Los Angeles employment lawsuits, won many appeals (some published), and many trials our reputation is formidable.